(Adversity Drives E-Quality)
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The Gist of ADEQ (Addict)

A digital marketplace enabling those with a vested interest in sports to connect; physically and virtually.

  • Avoid changing algorithms; promote your events and services to a local and national audience.
  • Quickly discover sports related opportunities and resources within your local communities.
  • Access to multiple events and services, specific to sports…in ONE platform.

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What is ADEQ?

ADEQ is a mobile application connecting users to sports through news, location, and engagement. ADEQ is an acronym for “Adversity Drives E-Quality”, and in sports (like life) adversity can inspire and bring about unity, which is our goal!



“Always be in the game!”

  • Discover local sporting events and services with ease.
  • Chronological posts show the most recently shared activity.
  • Receive real time notifications of changes to events.



"Engage, post, and share content specific to sports."

  • Network and connect within a community specific to sports.
  • Share stories and experiences outside the noise of traditional social media platforms.
  • Build organic relationships with those who share a common interest and passion for sports.


The Recap

"It’s all about sports and leveling the playing field."

  • Platform to highlight and display the sport industry.
  • Multiple sports, multiple types; live and virtual.
  • Increase awareness and access to sports within local communities.

General Info

The ADEQ Effect – The more we have to promote, the more users will search on our platform. The more users we have, the larger the audience for our Hosts to target…everyone wins!

Verbiage – The below language provides detail to verbiage. 

  • “Score” – The total amount of POSTS (pictures, videos, etc.) from a user.
  • “Draft” – When you want to FOLLOW someone.
  • “Drafted” – The people you are now FOLLOWING.
  • “Scouts” – The people who watch you – your FOLLOWERS.
  • “Solo Event” – Non score tracking event; try-outs, training, etc.
  • “Team Events” – Traditional games with teams and scores.

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Our Story

What began as a conversation in the parking lot many years ago is here! Our objective has always been to use sports as a vehicle to motivate, inspire, and unite. Whether it was an academy, fashion company, or now ADEQ (pronounced “addict”), our core values and vision have always mirrored those learned through sports. For this reason, ADEQ was created; a mobile app built around positivity, teamwork and healthy/fun competition – for athletes, teams and coaches, or those who simply have an appreciation for sports.

ADEQ is your hub for sports! You can use our platform to share posts, create events, search events, and stay informed of all things sports within your local community! This includes multiple sports of multiple types: from local youth leagues, to virtual training, to pro sports and beyond.

We are here to highlight and display those within the sport industry; leveling the playing field, preventing the “hustle” of fighting through algorithms, and providing a platform motivated by impacting local communities through sports. We believe everyone should have access to sports, especially when the benefits are so invaluable.

Nelson Mandela said it best; “Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair. It is more powerful than the government in breaking down racial barriers.”

So download ADEQ, create a profile, engage with users, and share your events and services in our platform!

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EMAIL: Info@adeqsports.com

LOCATION: San Diego, California


To connect people to information, opportunities, and resources within their local communities…specific to sports.

Contact Info:

EMAIL: Info@adeqsports.com

LOCATION: San Diego, California

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General Information

THE ADEQ EFFECT – More events we promote, the more users search through our platform. More users on platform, means larger audience for events…everyone wins!

VERBIAGE – Specific language we are using to give it some flavor…

  • “Score” – The amount of posts (pictures, videos, etc.) a user has. Its like the amount of shots one would take in a game.
  • “Draft” – When you want to FOLLOW someone.
  • “Drafted” – The people you drafted and are now FOLLOWING.
  • “Scouts” – The people who watch you – your FOLLOWERS.
  • “Teammates” – The mutual connections/draftees/scouts you have in common; hence the name teammates.
  • “Time out” – where you edit your profile.