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The Gist of ADEQ (Addict).

A sports focused application, connecting users to sporting events through news, location and engagement.

  • Stay Connected – search sporting events, receive news updates, and connect with other like-minded users.
  • Multiple sports, multiple levels, one platform…keeps things organized.
  • Decrease noise and keep information specific within our sports community.

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What is ADEQ?

ADEQ is a mobile application connecting users to sports through news, location, and engagement. ADEQ is an acronym for “Adversity Drives E-Quality”, and in sports (like life) adversity can inspire and bring about unity, which is our goal!



“Always be in the game!”

  • Find sporting events and tournaments specific to your preference.
  • Draft other users and view the posts they share.
  • Create a profile, share content and engage with others.


Stay Updated:

“Search for events around your area”

  • Filter events by location, date, type of sport, etc.
  • Search events from a list or map view.
  • Check in at events and share your location.


The Recap:

“It's all about the sports”

  • Reach your target audience in this sports specific platform.
  • Engage and chat with others around topics specific to sports.
  • Increase the visibility and awareness of all sports, all levels.

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How we started

What began as a conversation in the parking lot eight years ago is here! Our objective has always been to use sports as a vehicle to motivate, inspire, and bring people together. Whether it was an academy, fashion company, or now ADEQ (pronounced addict), our core values and vision have always mirrored those learned through sports. For this reason, ADEQ was created; a platform built around positivity, teamwork and healthy/fun competition – for athletes, teams and coaches, or those who simply have an appreciation for sports, ADEQ will keep you informed!

Thank You!

Mario Ford, Brooke Beauford, Chris Penny, Kyle Young, Franklin Jackson,  Karina Beauford, David Bell, Rene Jacques, Julie B Congi, Norma Ureta, Jamal Khan, Shannon Jones, Christine Macasieb, Patrick Blas, Elaine Redus, Ann Gaines, Fedaunte Tuite, Michael Smith, Brandon Quick, Lenore Antonio-Bernales, Teresa Anderson, Lynne Mostajo, Jamaal Gaines, Wendy Martin, Melissa Banats, Deandre Badgette, Jon Mostajo, Michael Tadesse-Bell, Joe Ibe, Stevie Hicks, Johnny & Nel Sweet-Davis, Ashlin Washington, Matt Farus, Marivel Mostajo, Brandon Harris, Joanette Calvero, Kimberly Gaines, Mia Hawkins, Katie & Carlyle Peake

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To use sports as a vehicle to bring people together, break barriers, and create positive change!

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General Information

THE ADEQ EFFECT – More events we promote, the more users search through our platform. More users on platform, means larger audience for events…everyone wins!

VERBIAGE – Specific language we are using to give it some flavor…

  • “Score” – The amount of posts (pictures, videos, etc.) a user has. Its like the amount of shots one would take in a game.
  • “Draft” – When you want to FOLLOW someone.
  • “Drafted” – The people you drafted and are now FOLLOWING.
  • “Scouts” – The people who watch you – your FOLLOWERS.
  • “Teammates” – The mutual connections/draftees/scouts you have in common; hence the name teammates.
  • “Time out” – where you edit your profile.